Start Here

Start Here

When you start reading Luke’s Gospel, it may feel like a strange new world.  It’s easy to be put off.  But the writer, Luke, reassures us right at the beginning that he has written a well-researched account of the life of Jesus Christ by talking to the eye witnesses.

The danger is that we write off the evidence because we presume certain things just are not possible.

Luke doesn’t want you to switch off your brain.  He wants you to consider the evidence and make up your mind about Jesus.  Who was he?  What was his mission?  Why did he have such an impact on people, especially those who had given up on the idea of God?

As the account begins we see two couples, both awaiting the birth of their first child.  One sets the stage for the other.  The second child is introduced as the Son of God.  Witnesses testify, historical records are cited, angels speak.  And from his own lips the 12-year-old child calls the temple of God, ‘my Father’s house’.

Read for yourself and make up your mind.

You will have lots of questions.  Scribble them down and start interacting with the evidence.

This is the account of an extraordinary life.  A profound life. One of scandal, passion, love, and sacrifice.  A life that changed the world forever.

See for yourself

Below are five simple questions to help you consider what you’re reading in any part of this book. Conveniently, the main concept of each question begins with the letter ‘R’. So we refer to these questions with the very original term, “The 5R’s’.


Retell the narrative (and recap what’s come before).
Note anything that’s unclear or confusing.


How are people reacting to Jesus?


What is revealed about Jesus (and those meeting him) through words and actions?


What reason might Luke have for including this event?


What does Luke teach us about how to respond to Jesus?