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How do you get to know someone you’ve never met? Ask their friends! Not only can they tell you about the person, but they can also share stories that bring them to life. As we hear what they say, it’s like we were there, meeting them personally ourselves!

What you’re holding is a book written by a man called John. John worked as a fisherman until Jesus called him to leave his job and follow him. Over the next three years, John became one of Jesus’ closest friends. John heard Jesus’ wisdom, saw Jesus’ miracles and felt Jesus’ kindness. John was eye-witness to all that he records in this account you hold. John wrote it so that we can meet Jesus too.

Yet John doesn’t start where we expect – with a baby in a manger – because that wasn’t the beginning. Instead, John takes us back, even before the creation of the world, to God himself. This is where our introduction to Jesus begins.

From these cosmic origins, we meet a man who is powerful yet approachable, purposeful yet empathetic, strong yet suffering, killed yet conquering. This is the man who has changed our world – are you ready to meet him?

John’s whole book is well worth the read, but if you’re short on time there are six selected encounters that will provide a good snapshot of who Jesus is.

See for yourself

Below are five simple questions to help you consider what you’re reading in any part of this book. Conveniently, the main concept of each question begins with the letter ‘R’. So we refer to these questions with the very original term, “The 5R’s’.


Retell the narrative (and recap what’s come before).
Note anything that’s unclear or confusing.


How are people reacting to Jesus?


What is revealed about Jesus (and those meeting him) through words and actions?


What reason might John have for including this event?


What does John teach us about how to respond to Jesus?