A concise account of Jesus

Jesus: See For Yourself

Deciding to place your trust in Jesus is a big deal. Through the pages of Uncover Mark, we’ve seen Jesus for ourselves – he is powerful yet kind, authoritative yet gracious, all-knowing yet humble. And if Jesus really did rise from the dead, then what he claimed is true: Jesus is the good and gracious King (ie. Christ) of the universe who is more important than anyone or anything else. We need to beg for his forgiveness and pledge allegience to him.

These are big claims. You might want to read further to better understand the message of the Bible. If you’re ready, you could ask God for forgiveness. A sample prayer is below. If you aren’t already connected with Christians on your campus, you might like to find them for further discussion.

Summary: The message of the Bible

The Bible begins with an introduction to God. He powerfully created the world and gave life to all creatures. But humanity thought they knew better than God. The consequences were devestating. The Bible can feel long and overwhelming, but at its heart, it’s the story of God showing us his grace to people who’ve mistreated him and each other. To read a summary of this story, visit Two Ways To Live.

Two Ways to Live

Pray: Ask for mercy

If you would like to accept God’s invitation to surrender your life to Jesus as your King and Saviour, here is a prayer you can pray to become a Christian.

Dear Father, I’m sorry I’ve been living my life without you as my God. I admit I deserve your judgement, and I cannot fix this myself. Please forgive me.

Thank you for sending Jesus to die in my place. Thank you that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive today as the King. Please help me now to live with Jesus as my Saviour and King.


Connect: Find other Christians

If you have decided to follow Jesus, that’s great! But it’s also a big life-changing decision. Like all big changes we usually need a little help getting started well. We encourage you to tell a Christian friend at uni.

You may have questions. You may be excited. You may be unsure about what to do next. Someone from your campus would love to help as you get started following Jesus!

Connect to a campus group